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Foremost, it is best to point out that it is not a requirement that Federal Firearms License (FFL) applicants need to secure an individual store front where they can do business. This is actually one of the reasons why many don’t proceed with their application because they thought they need to really go with the hassle of finding a place where they can operate. Well, how about your home? You can still get licensed even if you do business at your home. You just need to understand the risks involved and set up extra precautions. So wherever you want to operate, you’ll surely get these benefits:

  • Freedom – Clearly, FFL holders have more freedom when dealing inside the firearms
    industry as opposed to non-licensed citizens who need to undergo strict procedures and even do extra paperwork and pay additional fees.
  • More profit – For business minded FFL holders, the license permits them to buy wholesale guns and then resell them at higher prices to generate profit. They can even act as the
    receiver of online orders and then give them to the actual customer. But first, they can charge them with an extra fee for the FFL transfer.
  • Independence – FFL holders have the independence to start their own gun-related business like gunsmithing shops. Grow opportunity and do fulltime if desired.
  • Fast – Having an FFL license makes every gun transaction a whole lot faster. You can
    directly transact with the supplier or manufacture and have your ordered firearms delivered right next to your doorstep.
  • Become a collector – If you have a Type 3 FFL, you can already collect curio and relics. This means that you can purchase guns that are of interest to most collectors because of their value or quality, not practically because of their destructive power. These are the sought after guns that are off-limits to the general public. But since you are already licensed, you can easily get hold of one. The other FFLs allow you to obtain all modern firearms and is much preferred.
  • Consider Class 3 License as well – More growth and margins in Class 3 weapons, wilencers, machine guns.


All in all, the FFL holder with the right FFL License enjoys the benefits of having the right to own, operate, trade, repair, and even manufacture guns or firearms. We use an FFL License Guide to help us become an FFL Dealer.